"The Geyser" aka Old Faithful
1997 Film SLR camera

I have always loved photography. It’s in my blood since both parents were photography majors. I had access to their equipment as a teenager and loved developing my own photos. I also loved the results I got from their camera. Yes, I had a point and shoot as a kid but it didn’t give me the control a SLR did. Once I started with a real camera I haven’t really looked back.

As an adult I again got a cheap point and shoot digital, it was what was affordable. A couple years ago however I got a DSLR for Christmas and really haven’t looked back!

I don’t always have it with me sadly so my cell phone substitutes often while I’m on the road but once in awhile I can grab my good camera and just shoot things.

A few other odd tidbits are that I live in the BEAUTIFUL state of Alaska, I enjoy gardening in the short summers and sewing for my family and dolls in winter. I also consider myself an amateur photographer. I am currently working my way through a variety of programming classes as a self study. A couple of these include Unity, C#, Android, Python and several web languages like PHP, CoffeeScript and SQL.

So enough about me, what should I know about you? Drop me a message and let’s chat!

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